What makes Java so popular??

Java has been around a long time and was bought into existence in 1991. Sun microsystems brought Java to the public in 1995 and presently Oracle is managing Java. Java is one of the prominent language used to create web applications and technical platforms. Java has become a language of facts and practical knowledge. Fortune 500 organizations like: LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple rely mostly on Java. In a very short period Java has been incorporated into most often used web browsers. Java is used largely for developing Android applications. Java has a highly supported open source community. If you are still thinking why Java stands out, then you should look at different sectors in which Java is widely used.

  • Retail: Billing applications that is used in a store/restaurant are written in Java.
  • Android: Android apps are mostly written in JAVA.
  • Financial services: JAVA is used in server-side applications.
  • Big Data: Hadoop mainly uses JAVA
  • Scientific and Research Community: JAVA is used to deal with huge amount of data.
  • Banking: Transaction management is developed with JAVA
  • Information Technology: Java is used in Artificial Intelligence and other dynamic technologies.
  • Stock market: JAVA is used to write algorithms of company stocks.

Hence, Java is used to build applications and platforms for several devices, including computers, laptops, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, car navigation systems, medical monitoring devices, parking meters, lottery terminals and smartphones. It is also a key language for networking, particularly for data centers that store and transfer Web-based data. Main reasons Java is so popular is its platform independent nature and its portability. If you do a quick search of jobs for Java and other languages, you would see Java would have more jobs than   Python, C # or c++ . We are not using Javascript in this comparison as Java positions mostly also include Javascript roles also For a job seeker the vast implementation of Java across different industry domains make it a lucrative programming language to pursue for a long-term career sustenance. We will follow up later with what steps a person should take to compete effectively in this competitive technology industry which though lucrative is tough to get into.

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