Five most popular languages for IT jobs

Information technology is a lucrative industry to be in but it is ever evolving. To ensure you start your technology career with the right language is a must.

We did a small analysis of major Technology arears from West to east coast namely San Francisco bay Area, New York, and Dallas, Texas. This graph chart predicts the most in-demand jobs according to Indeed and and number of jobs for each language namely Java, Python, Ruby on rails, C# and C++. As per our finding java is the most popular language as per our analysis of nationwide and SF Bay Area, New York and Dallas-Texas areas. Java has a rich history of 20 years. It has evolved with the demand of time and technology. This the language which has most job opportunities and used by largest number of developers in the country. In SF bay area Python jobs come up as higher than Java but still on analysis we found they were not standalone Python Jobs and we found that they needed Java along with Python. As we can see in the chart below:


As we can see in below pie chart, Java hold the first position, it has nearly 37% of job opportunities in nationwide IT market.

After Java, the second most popular language among employers and employees is Python, Python occupies 29% of jobs in the IT sector now and is the second most popular language.


San Francisco Bay Area is a technology hub. Because most prominent companies like: Google, Apple, twitter, Facebook, Intel and AMD nurtured and nourished from this area. So, most of these companies demands for Java which is most scalable and evolutionary language and Python which is a dynamic and easy to learn and implement language. So, we can see in below Pie chart these two prominent languages are ruling most of the companies. Where Python covers the job percentage of 37%, Java covers 36% percent of job market in the bay area even then Python jobs demanded knowledge of Java


We did an analysis based on both job portals in New York area, and we got very predictable results from here too, as we can see in below pie chart, Java is again ruling the Software job market with 41% and followed by Python 31% of the job market. The other languages dominating the rest of the market are C# and C++, so we can see apart from Java and Python, C# and C++ languages are the best option for developers to master and get highest salary jobs.


Dallas has emerged the new technology hub in recent years. Companies like Texas Instrument (semiconductor), AT&T, Comerica bank, McAfee are the most seeking companies by developers, and the interesting fact is all these companies are demanding for the developers, full stack developers and QA profiles with Java, Python, C# and C++ background. So, the below Pie chart which based on job percentage in Dallas with most demanding languages, shows the dynamic results of Java 49% with nearly covering half of the regions jobs, Python with 22% and C#, C++ respectively 17% and 11% of the job market.


So, the above graph and Pie chart attest to the fact that Java has been the most in demand programming language with the most number of Jobs and appears to still retain its place presently and in the future

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