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IT Upskill Program

SynergisticIT is passionate about helping programmers successfully enter the highly competitive IT workforce. To achieve this goal, we’ve developed a robust skill enhancement program that equips candidates with the skills necessary to adapt to the ever-changing IT marketplace.

The hallmark of every SynergisticIT upskill program is Java. We strongly believe a strong foundation in Java is an invaluable skill to take into the IT workforce. To this end, we offer free Java accreditation through Oracle University for those who are interested.

Although Java is our main area of expertise, candidates who go through SynergisticIT’s program must have a firm grasp of topics such as Big Data, Machine Learning, and Cloud programming. Our staff also goes over effective communication skills using mock interview scenarios and personal development seminars.

On average, candidates get hired no more than 6 weeks after completing their SynergisticIT upskill program. Thanks to SynergisticIT’s high reputation in the industry, it’s not uncommon for Fortune 500 companies to actively seek out our candidates.

A major reason for the success of SynergisticIT’s program has to do with the fact that we allow no more than 7 candidates per class. This smaller class size creates a stimulating intellectual environment where our instructors can directly address your educational needs. We also have a superb computer lab and an extensive library open 24/7 to help you refine your IT skills.

Depending on your experience in IT, SynergisticIT educational programs could last anywhere between 18 to 36 weeks with 5 classes per week. Each skill enhancement session usually lasts about 4 hours with additional assignments that vary in duration.

For more information on our skill enhancement program, please don’t hesitate to call (510) 550-7200.
You could also call (510) 550-7200 to chat with one of our knowledgeable recruiters.

“Java is to JavaScript what car is to Carpet.” – Chris Heilmann

Java/J2EE/Full Stack/Mean Stack/Mern Stack

SynergisticIT is proud to offer one of the most prestigious Java courses in the IT recruitment industry. The reason we place such an emphasis on learning the language of Java mainly has to do with its versatility. Programmers who take the time to fully understand Javascript will be well equipped to handle many of the most common issues that arise in the IT industry.

As a part of SynergisticIT’s Java/J2EE upskill program, you’ll learn effective strategies for creating and deploying Java programs as well as using Java applications to your advantage.

Our course starts with the basics of writing Java syntax and swiftly moves through OO Programming and Object Component Technologies. After hours of studying in our computer lab, you’ll feel confident to use this programming language in any professional setting.

Just a few other areas our candidates can expect to learn in our Java/J2EE upskill module include:

Java Servlet TechnologyJava Collections API
Core JavaSpring/Hibernate Web Services
Microsoft AzureCassandra
Java EE Domain Implementation and IntegrationMongoDB
Agile/Scrum Methodology

By the way, SynergisticIT offers candidates the ability to gain accreditation in Java through Oracle University. Be sure to ask your instructor if you’re interested in taking your Java skills to the next level.

“In software, the most beautiful code, the most beautiful functions, and the most beautiful programs are sometimes not there at all.” – Jon Bentle


Created by Amazon in the early 2000s, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become one of the industry’s top cloud computing platforms. It’s now estimated that AWS offers users over 150 fully featured services that range from deployment to the Internet of Things. Currently, the platform’s infrastructure is used by millions of customers worldwide, including some of the world’s most illustrious enterprises (Expedia, General Electric, Netflix, Philips, among others), as well as government bodies.

Amazon Web Services certification is one of the most versatile skill upgrades for any professional in the IT department. With so many applications, SynergisticIT believes it’s imperative for anyone serious about getting into IT to have a command of how to navigate AWS. SynergisticIT leaders spend hours going over why AWS is so popular and how you could use it to your advantage. We also offer an AWS certification program for those who are interested.

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Python/Machine Learning/Data Science

Although Java programming is the hallmark of SynergisticIT’s skill enhancement program, we also take time to teach Python. Interestingly, one of the best ways to prepare for learning Python is first to gain mastery of Java. Our teachers make it easy to pick up on the language of Python by pointing out the similarities and differences from using Javascript.

SynergisticIT also helps our IT candidates enter the exciting field of artificial intelligence (AI) with courses on machine learning. It’s undeniable that AI is taking over many segments of the global economy. With this growing interest in AI technologies, we feel a solid understanding of machine learning gives SynergisticIT candidates a huge competitive advantage no matter where their professional careers take them.

Another interesting area covered in SynergisticIT’s course is data science. Understanding the algorithms used in this field will help anyone interested in entering fields related to data mining, statistical analysis, and machine learning.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Zig Ziglar

Microsoft Azure

Released in 2010, Microsoft Azure is a major cloud-based tool for developers on Microsoft’s data centers. Operated by Linux, this relatively new service helps users create, test, and deploy applications using a bewildering array of programming languages.

Currently, Microsoft Azure claims to offer over 100 services to its users. It’s also estimated that close to 100 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Azure as a part of their digital strategies.

Obviously, it’s important for anyone entering the IT field to understand the benefits and basics of working with Azure. This is especially true for SynergisticIT because we often work with Fortune 500 companies. When you’re done with SynergisticIT’s course, you shouldn’t have issues navigating Microsoft’s powerful cloud service.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Big Data/Hadoop

As technological devices become increasingly common, there’s been a massive surge in the amount of data produced on a daily basis. The most common way IT professionals help companies manage this influx of data is by using a Big Data technology called Hadoop.

SynergisticIT believes it’s critical for anyone interested in IT to learn the basics of data storage by examining how Hadoop works. Not only will learning how to use this open-source software increase your job prospects, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to explain issues surrounding Big Data in the 21st century.